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Surrogate Partner Therapist Certification Program

Embark on an enriching path with IMBT International’s Surrogate Partner Therapist Training. Designed for those passionate about integrative mind-body therapies, this program offers the tools to revolutionize healing practices in the sex therapy industry.

The American Board of Sexology 

Membership and Certification

Upon completion of this course, students are automatically eligible to apply for their board Certification as a Certified Sexologist or a Somatic Certified Sexologist via the American Board of Sexology.

Next Training

September 2nd, 2024 through October 28th, 2024



Embark on your journey with the Surrogate Partner Therapist Training Program at a comprehensive tuition of $3,200.


Secure your place in this transformative program with an $800 deposit. This deposit is part of the total tuition fee and holds your spot for the upcoming session.


Included in your total tuition is a $200 fee for a mandatory criminal background check. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of our program and its participants. 


We assess each background check on a case-by-case basis, understanding that past challenges do not necessarily disqualify you from this opportunity for growth and learning.


After the initial deposit, the remaining balance is due before the program commences.

This comprehensive fee covers all course materials, access to our experienced instructors, and participation in our unique hands-on training sessions.

Ready to transform lives including your own? Begin your journey with us.

About the Training

Join us from September  2nd  through October 28th, 2024, for a transformative journey through the world of surrogate partner therapy. IMBT International presents an in-depth program, inspired by the pioneering work of Masters and Johnson with our unique, expanded triadic model. Explore historical insights, ethical practices, and modern techniques in this comprehensive training.

Touching the Surface

Who Should Enroll?

This program is tailored for anyone eager to learn about using touch and movement in therapy. It's especially beneficial for those looking to work hands-on with clients in the sex therapy industry.

 "I believe that everything begins and ends in connection with my body. I help others to heal and to grow through connecting to this vehicle that takes us through life. "
-Dr. Susan Kaye

Join us at IMBT International and take the first step towards becoming a certified Surrogate Partner Therapist. With limited spots available, we encourage you to apply now to secure your place in this program.

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