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Begin Your Surrogate Partner Therapist Journey with IMBT International

Ready to take a transformative step in your career through our Surrogate Partner Therapist Training Program?  Secure your place in our upcoming session by following these simple steps. 



Complete the Application Form

Fill in your personal and professional details. We want to know more about you - your background, your experience, and what drives your interest in surrogate partner therapy. We want to know how you envision contributing to and growing within the therapeutic community.


Submit Your Deposit

Upon completing the application form, you will need to submit your $800 non-refundable deposit. This deposit is crucial in reserving your spot in the program and is part of the total tuition fee.


Confirmation of Enrollment

Once your deposit and application are received and approved, you will get an email confirmation of your enrollment in the program. This confirmation will include additional details about the program schedule, syllabus, and any preparatory materials you might need.


Surrogate Partner Training Deposit



March 6th, 2024 thru April 29th, 2024

Valid for 12 months

Claim your spot.

Surrogate Partner Therapist Training



March 6th, 2024 thru April 29th, 2024

Valid for 12 months

Paid in full.

Finalize Your Tuition: Remember, the remaining balance of your tuition is due before the first module begins. Timely completion of your payment ensures a smooth start to your training journey.
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