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Become an IMBT

Professional Partner

Elevate Your Expertise, Enhance Holistic Healing

and Join a Collaborative Network of Mind and Body Experts

At Integrative Mind Body Therapies (IMBT), we invite qualified professionals to become a part of our  Network Providers as Professional Partners. Whether you are a 'Neck Up' mental health expert like a therapist or psychologist, or a 'Neck Down' practitioner such as a surrogate partner or bodyworker, your expertise is vital in our holistic approach to mind, body, spirit and sexual well being. 

Empowering Wellness Together

with the Expanded Triadic Model


Why Become a Professional Partner with IMBT?


Integrate Your Expertise

Contribute your specialized skills to a comprehensive model of care that values both mental and physical well-being.


Grow Within a Supportive Network

Collaborate with a diverse range of professionals, sharing insights and approaches for a more effective holistic practice.


Enhance Your Professional Development

Gain access to advanced training and workshops at discounted rates, expanding your knowledge and skill set. 


Increase Your Reach and Impact

Benefit from being listed in our renowned network directory, connecting you with clients and other professionals.

The IMBT Approach: A Fusion of Mind and Body Therapies

We believe in the power of integrating mind and body therapies to offer comprehensive care. As a Professional Partner, you play a critical role in this vision, bringing your unique expertise to a network dedicated to holistic healing, sexual well-being, and client-centered approaches.

Join the IMBT Community by Becoming a Professional Partner 

Your skills and knowledge as a Professional Partner are essential in our mission to provide complete sexual wellness solutions. Join us in making a significant impact in the lives of those seeking a balanced approach to health and happiness.

  • Lifetime: Professional Membership

    Lifetime access to professional membership benefits.
  • Professional Membership

    Every year

Please note: We will ask for verification of your relevant credentials prior to being listed on our site as a network provider. 

As a Professional Partner

You Will Receive 

Access to Our Exclusive Membership Area 

A Listing in Our Network Providers Directory 

Discounts on Trainings and Further Education

Peer Support Group

Ability to Sell Your Trainings and Courses via the IMBT  Network

A Community of Likeminded Professionals 

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