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About IMBT

Treating & Training Beautiful Human Beings for a More Expressive Sensual and Sexual Community 

IMBT is a holistic organization that advocates harmonious and shameless sexual wellness. We implement and teach the Expanded Triadic Model (ETM). ETM provides both a neck up provider and a neck down provider to ensure unabridged treatment for sexual and somatic concerns.

Image by Clay Banks

Our Story

Our founder, Dr. Susan Kaye, worked directly alongside sex researchers, William Masters and Virginia Johnson, as a new future for sex therapy was on the verge of revolution. In this exciting period (circa 1960-1970) a pivotal discovery was made. The discovery was this: There is no such thing as a sexual problem. There are only sexual difficulties, and those can be effectively treated with behavioral therapy.

IMBT promotes and protects the wisdom of this behavioral therapy with dignity, elation, and hand-holding. We support an international community of  surrogate partner therapists, psychologists, cuddle therapists, sex therapists, and various other practitioners of the somatic and psychological arts.  

With warm hearts, we provide practical step-by-step solutions that mend sexual and sensual concerns.

We serve as a therapeutic center for clients, and also as an educational facility for those who wish to join todays exhilarating wave of sexual empowerment and revolution.

IMBT supports all races, genders, cultures, sexual orientations, and occupations. 

Our Mission

To implement the Expanded Triadic Model to provide practical step-by-step client centered therapies and practitioner trainings that will reach anyone who struggles to live life in full expression of their sensual/sexual self. 

Our Vision

To promote a community where integrative holistic therapy is at at the forefront of therapeutic treatments for sexual and sensual concerns; where the innate and healthy human desire to submerge into meaningful, intimate relationships is normalized and commonplace. 

Meet the Team

The faces behind Integrative Mind Body Therapies 

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