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Image by Marco Bianchetti

Therapy, Coaching,  Somatic Healing & Training

Our client centered care is a personalized journey that focuses on three key values: 

  1. We embrace our bodies as our best friend

  2. We find our voice and share our deepest needs, wants, and desires

  3. We walk with kindness and forgiveness for ourselves and others

Why Integrative Mind-Body Therapy?

We, at IMBT, understand that living and breathing human folks are complex and beautiful. That's why we treat our clients with a tailored cocktail of therapeutic care. We focus on the uniqueness of each client's lived relationship to sensuality and sexuality. 


The absolute nature of daily pleasure, confidence, inner peace, and authentic sexual wellness is electrified once it is realized both in the mind and in the body. And that's what we cherish and teach!  

Our integrative therapeutic process promotes a fully realized sexual potential and wellness. Clients who work with us tackle an array of perfectly human sexual concerns such as:


  • being shy or socially challenged

  • coping with separation, divorce, or death of a partner

  • overcoming abuse, assault, or trauma

  • working to mend a negative relationship with your body

  • experiencing emotional disconnect or physical dysfunction

  • late-life virginity

  • feeling “touch starved”

  • asking yourself, “Am I normal if?”


 What makes IMBT special is that we provide both neck up providers and neck down providers. 

Our Neck up providers include counselors, psychologists, EMDR specialists and coaches who are trained experts in human sexuality. 

Our Neck down providers include SPT surrogate partner therapists, cuddle therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, dance instructors, and yoga instructors.


Get in touch with us to see which types of providers are best suited to your needs and goals.    

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