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Professional Network Provider

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Rae Stegall (They Them)

Scientific Researcher & Medical Writer, Marine Biologist and Certified Sex Coach™ for Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD)

Austin, TX, USA

A Bit About Rae

Rae serves as a mentor coach, mapping out the path to your goals, while encouraging self-discovery in personal growth & relationships by fostering a deeper understanding within oneself to create a fulfilling happy life.

The sessions are enriched with Rae's sixth sense and unique blend of scientific knowledge and understanding of human sexuality and relationships. This multidisciplinary expertise allows Rae to offer a holistic coaching experience that addresses the complexities of clients' lives.

Golden RAE Coaching specializes in providing personalized support tailored to a diverse range of client needs including LGBTQ+, highly sensitive persons (HSPs) and the neurodiverse.

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