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Writing Workshop for Sensual Exploration




1.5 hours


About the Course

The Writing Workshop for Sensual Exploration offers a safe space where creative juices inspire an introspective pathway for an enhanced sensual sense of self. Write to feel sexy, self-secure, and lathered in ethical lust!

The workshop is playful, fun, and filled with poetry. You will leave this workshop with some fresh and delicious perspectives about your sensual self, with some inspiration to redefine how you sensationally interact with the world around you, and with expanded knowledge on how to find more daily pleasure in the little things in life.

Your Instructor

Nikol Dekazou

Alongside her training in the somatic arts and clinical sexology, Nikol holds an MA in Creative Writing. Her passions lie in writing therapy, sensational awareness, and the poetic nature of being and pleasure.

Nikol Dekazou
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