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IMBT Trainings and Certifications

We Offer AASECT Certified Trainings and Other CEU Courses. 

IMBT is proud to announce that we are are now working with AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors, and Therapists) to offer an SPT Surrogate Partner Therapy training course as well as various certifications in the Expanded Triadic Model (ETM) and Somatic Partner Training.   

Expanded Triadic Model (ETM)

This 33 hour 12-week course will give you the training you need to expand your client treatments.   If you are a therapist, counselor, coach, massage therapist, yoga instructor or any mind or body worker this is a great training for you.  You will learn ETM and how to apply it with clients and other providers

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SPT Surrogate Partner Training

This 33 hour 12-week course is offered to anyone who wishes to learn how use touch and movement to support your client on their journey to healing.  This course is CEU Certified and goes over all the information you will need to be a surrogate partner.  (if interested, please Enquire through contact info. )

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Surrogate Partner Hands on Training

This course is not AASECT Certified but we offer a certificate of completion after.  This training is the perfect pairing to the Surrogate Partner Training.   This course is hands on and only offered in person. 

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