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Professional Network Provider


Carolina Lainez (she/her)

Somatic Intimacy Coach, Certificate Professional Neo Tantra Practitioner, Kink informed and Educator, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master



Phone: 786-305-0960

A Bit About Carolina

Carolina Lainez is a Certificate Professional Surrogate Partner Therapist, trained in the Triadic model of healing at Integrative Mind Body Therapies, Sex Educator from IITES, Florida.

Her personal and professional journey in sexual healing started 15+ years ago when she began to study different sexuality traditions and somatic body work. 

She like to study humans interactions in their full spectrum and believe in humanity and the power of healing that resides in each one of us through touch. 


One of Carolina’s missions in her heart is to be in service of others, sharing her knowledge and vision of sexual intimacy, and helping them grow within their own. 

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