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The Expanded Triadic Model CEU Short Course




2 day weekend


Sobre el curso

The Expanded Triadic Model CEU Short Course provides comprehensive training for practitioners who want to navigate integrative therapy techniques and learn how to work in collaboration with other practitioners.

In this CEU certified course, you will learn the relevance of integrative therapies for psychosomatic healing, the ins and outs of how to utilize multiple practitioner communication to better support to your clients' healing journey, and you will gain insight from Dr. Susan Kaye's four decades of work in this field.

Tu Instructor

Dr. Susan Kaye

Dr. Susan Kaye's PHD research founded the Expanded Triadic Model as a modernized evolution of Masters and Johnson's mind bending research on the human sexual response. She is a leader in the field of interdisciplinary mind and body healing for authentic sexual wellness.

Dr. Susan Kaye
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