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El Propósito del Modelo Triádico Expandido es

Descubre tu Potencial y Posibilidad de Experimentar el Amor Sin Límites.


Terapias integradoras de mente y cuerpo 


Surrogate Partner Therapist Certification Program

Next Training Session: September 2nd, 2024 through October 28th, 2024

Embark on an enriching path with IMBT International’s Surrogate Partner Therapist Training. Designed for those passionate about integrative mind-body therapies, this program offers the tools to revolutionize healing practices in the sex therapy industry.

Ways to Get Involved 

Here at IMBT we believe in full mind-body wellness for our clients. Pairing and partnering with professionals across sectors and industries in order to find our clients exactly what they need at each stage of their journey.  

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Share your expertise and become a partner with us in the journey of supporting others through their personal transformation.  At IMBT, we look at the whole You with You picture to learn exactly what each client needs from the neck up to the neck down. We believe this comprehensive approach allows us to truly reach the heart of individual well-being. 

What is your gift to share with the world? Join our community of Allied and Professional Partners to be one of our networks preferred support services! 

Learn more about our support opportunities, connect with others in the community, and make a greater impact- join the integrative community as a Professional or Allied Partner!

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We believe that transformation begins within oneself and extends to our relationships with others. This core You with You relationship creates ripples into all other aspects of our lives. It is our mission to help you reconnect, heal, and expand your You with You so that you can connect with your heart and expand your You with Others relationships. 


Whether you're seeking to enhance your personal well-being, reconnect with your heart, or improve your You with Others relationships, we're here to guide you on this transformative journey.

Our dedicated team of experienced practitioners is ready to assist you in finding the right path for your unique exploration.


Abeja reina
Dra. Susan Kaye

Dra. Susan Kayecomenzó su carrera trabajando con los pioneros de Sex Research, Bill Masters y Virginia Johnson. Después de cuatro décadas de experiencia en el campo de la sexología, continúa apoyando, hablando y enseñando el proceso de curación cuerpo-mente de Masters y Johnson.

Su educación formal en enseñanza, sexología y psicología ha llevado al desarrollo de laModelo Triádico Expandido (ETM) modalidad.ETM brinda atención centrada en el cliente para cualquier persona que lucha por vivir en plena expresión de su ser sensual.    

La Dra. Susan Kaye instituyó las Terapias Integrativas Mente-Cuerpo (IMBT, por sus siglas en inglés) para establecer un centro terapéutico que ofrezca soluciones armoniosas a la vergüenza, el miedo o la culpa con los que casi todos caminan en relación con su desconexión mente-cuerpo.

Dr. Susan Kaye | Founder of IMBT
Author of Am I Normal If (600 × 600 px).png

Author of Am I Normal If?

"Am I Normal If" dives into the complex world of identity, sexuality, and self-acceptance. By providing insightful guidance, relatable stories, and practical advice, this book will help you embrace your innermost desires and celebrate your individuality.

Our Gift to You! 

As a special thank you, grab a copy of Dr. Susan Kaye's self study workbook, Getting to Know the You with You . Discover how your early childhood messages have affected your You with You relationship and created your box of  "normal". 

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 "I believe that everything begins and ends in connection with my body. I help others to heal and to grow through connecting to this vehicle that takes us through life. "
-Dr. Susan Kaye
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